Lincoln County nurtures a diverse collection of businesses, from multi-generational family businesses to large manufacturers. Ninety-six of Lincoln County's 371 companies are small businesses, with fewer than 20 employees, and the county has earned Entrepreneur-Friendly designation from the State.

The Entrepreneur Friendly designation indicates that the community has worked to develop an environment that is welcoming to small business and entrepreneurs.

Chamber of Commerce:

(706) 359-6512

City Hall:

(706) 359-3239

Lincoln County Courthouse:

Board of Commissions: (706) 359-4444
Clerk of Court: (706) 359-5505
Magistrate Court: (706) 359-5528
Permits & Inspections: (706) 359-5522
Probate Court: (706) 359-5528
Tax Appraisal Office: (706) 359-5502
Tax Commissioner: (706) 359-5536