Lincoln County Incentives

Lincoln County offers a number of incentives for starting, growing or relocating a business or industry.  Each business proposition is unique and we would love to discuss what options are available for your business if you come to Lincoln County, Georgia.

Georgia is the best state for business! 



The Lincoln County Development Authority assists companies in obtaining any necessary environmental permitting required from State and Federal agencies. Locally, we offer assistance with Lincoln County Planning and Zoning and the Lincolnton City government, which are just blocks apart (with no traffic lights in between)!

Utility Access

As part of the incentive package, the Lincoln County Development Authority will coordinate with the various utility operators that serve the proposed site to provide the most aggressive pricing possible for utility services. (However, all prices are subject to standard cost of business increases or decreases, which are experienced in doing business and equally apply to all customers.) Once a Company's specific utility requirements are known, specific and applicable rate quotes will be provided. Utilities, including water, sewer and electric power will be made available in capacities required by the prospect company.


The Lincoln County Development Authority assists companies in securing Quick Start training prior to a company beginning operation. This free State of Georgia sponsored training is provided locally through Augusta Technical College.

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Qualified Workforce

A qualified, trained, tech-savvy workforce is waiting in Lincoln County. With a satellite office of Augusta Technical College within 20 minutes and a first-class school system that includes a leading-edge Vocational/Technical High-School program, Lincoln County is ready to go to work. The U.S. Army is establishing its Cyber Command headquarters at nearby Fort Eisenhower, and is expected to grow the area's labor force as more key functions move to the Fort.  

Local Banking

Two local banks serve the Lincolnton community. Some of the services offered by these financial institutions are: loans for land, homes, recreational properties, vehicles, and equipment. They also offer loan and mortgage planning for prospective home owners.

Economic Development Track Record

Lincoln County is a progressive community with County and the Development Authority officials who have demonstrated an aggressive policy in working to meet the needs of expanding and growing companies. We are prepared to work with and address the needs and requirements of the existing manufacturing and industrial firms in Lincoln County as well as those relocating or expanding in our community. Once a project's requirements are identified, the Lincoln County Development Authority will work to provide the best possible assistance through our relationships across the state of Georgia and Federal outlets. 

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Ad Valorem Tax Abatement

Lincoln County offers locating companies an ad valorem tax abatement through a lease arrangement. Under such an arrangement, title to the real property, equipment and fixtures can be placed in the name of a local government entity, i.e. the Lincoln County Development Authority, with a lease-purchase agreement with the company. The specifics of a multi-year ad valorem tax abatement and concession proposal will be based on the number of jobs to be created and will be developed once the project details are provided. At the end of the concession period, the fully depreciated value of the project shall be included on the tax digest, and the ad valorem property tax abatement shall terminate. At such time the local government entity shall transfer title to the project to the company.

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Building and Site Costs

The Lincoln County Development Authority can agree to provide a project with an incentive-based lease rate under a Lease to Own option and to secure the lowest possible financing to complete construction of an appropriate industrial building for their proposed operations. Specific terms and conditions of this Lease to Own option will be tailored to meet the company's long-term operating needs.

The Development Authority has previously provided locating or expanding companies a competitive lease rate on Authority-owned or financed buildings that covered the debt service payments only over the term of the lease. Such funds, if available for this prospect, will be applied to reduce the amount of debt necessary to complete the building construction, resulting in the availability of a lower lease rate on the building.

If however, the company elects to initially build its own building, a below-market-rate sales price for a developed, industrial site will be made available for the prospect. The Development Authority further agrees that an employment and job creation incentive proposal will be provided to the prospect that can be used to completely offset or reduce the purchase.

Either arrangement is made without knowledge of the availability of any Federal or State grant funds that could be applied toward the building construction or project costs.

The Development Authority further agrees to work with the company to ensure a building is completed in a timely manner to meet its long-term needs.

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Job Tax Credit

Provides tax credits on Georgia income taxes for qualifying businesses that create and retain ten (10) or more jobs. Per each new job created, a tax credit of $3,000 will be credited to the business for a period of five years, beginning from year two (2) through year six (6). The Development Authority further pledges to work with State agencies and officials to ensure the prospect receives the proper credits as this program may be amended in the future.

100% Freeport County Wide

No ad valorem property taxes will be assessed against a company's inventory of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished products destined for shipment out of state.

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Local officials will apply to all appropriate Federal and State agencies for applicable grant funds to assist in reducing building construction costs, financing public infrastructure and other funding assistance that may be required for a project.

Equipment Sales Tax Exclusions and Ad Valorem Tax Concessions

As a further incentive for a company to locate its project in Lincoln County, assistance by local officials shall be given as needed in securing the best possible sales and use tax machinery exemption from the Georgia Department of Revenue.

For more about our incentives, download thea Summary of Incentives.

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