Lincoln County Infrastructure


Lincolnton's major transportation corridors, US Hwy. 378, GA 43, GA 47, GA 79 and GA 220 put Lincoln County's growing business/industrial park within a 20-30 minute drive to Interstate 20.

Lincoln County is 18 miles from Interstate 20, and only a 2-hour drive to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


Augusta Regional Airport:

Thomson-McDuffie Regional Airport

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Athens Ben Epps Airport


Electrical Service

Rayle EMC and Georgia Power provide electrical service to Lincolnton / Lincoln County. Each has its own application process. Which provider you will use depends on where your business is located.

To establish service you will need to provide the service address, the name of the person responsible for bill payment, and the name of your company. A deposit will be assessed for each business that begins service. Rayle EMC and Georgia Power assess a deposit on new commercial service contingent on location and type of business. Contact a customer service representative for a specific amount.

Rayle EMC: (706) 678-2116
Georgia Power: (706) 359-3415

Water, Sewer, and Garbage Service

Lincoln County obtains its water from four (4) municipal groundwater wells and purchases water from the City of Lincolnton. The county wells, from 205 to 400 feet deep, are in the Piedmont Province Aquifer. The well sites are monitored for activities that could potentially cause contamination of this water source. The well water is pumped to the Lincoln County Filter Plant where it is filtered for the removal of contaminants. Chlorine disinfection is provided as well as fluoride treatment and tests are run daily. The quality water purchased from the City is pumped through a 12” ductile iron main to the Filter Plant and into the distribution system as needed to supplement the county's supply, making us a “blended” system.

Establish water and/or sewer service in Lincoln County by visiting the Lincoln County Water System office at 182 Humphrey St., Lincolnton. Initial fees may include a deposit and sign-up fee.

To establish water, sewer, and garbage service in an existing location within the City of Lincolnton, you must contact City Hall. You will be required to complete an application and pay a deposit. This deposit is refundable at the closing of your final bill. The amount of your deposit depends on the size of your business and its estimated water use. To sign up for service you must present a copy of your lease agreement or closing statement and Drivers License or valid Georgia ID with SS#.

To establish service in a new facility in the City of Lincolnton, you must contact City Hall to speak to a customer service representative.

While each provider in the county has specific policies and procedures, each system is similar. Contact the appropriate office for deposit details.

To establish service in the City of Lincolnton contact:

City Hall - Customer Service
125 N. Peachtree Street
PO Box 489
Lincolnton, GA 30817
(706) 359-3239
Waste Water Department: (706) 359-4076
In the county contact:
Lincoln County Public Works
182 Humphrey Avenue
Lincolnton, GA 30817
(706) 359-5523

Gas Service

To establish gas service in Lincolnton or Lincoln County, contact local propane providers for information.

Ferrell Gas: (888) 337-7355
Reed Propane Gas: (706) 359-4501
Piedmont Propane Services: (706) 678-6111
Wilhoit Gas: (706) 678-4999

You will need to provide the service address, the name of the person responsible for bill payment, and company name. A deposit will be assessed for each business that begins service. The amount you will pay is contingent on your location and other factors.

If your business will be in a facility that has not previously had gas service, your deposit will be based on the gas appliances in your facility. Your supplier is familiar with estimated gas use on any appliance you may be using.

If building a new facility for your business, contact the distributor and have them put you in touch with a local commercial representative, who will help ensure that all gas fixtures in your building are up to City of Lincolnton/Lincoln County specifications and also help address any questions regarding gas service.

Telecommunications & Broadband

Relyant Communications is the telephone and Internet provider for any business within the city limits of Lincolnton, as well as county areas outside city limits. To establish service with Relyant Communications, contact a small business services representative at (706) 678-2121 or (706) 359-3111.