Our Mission Statement:

The Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of advancing commerce, tourism, and civic interests in the Lincolnton-Lincoln County area.

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The Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce accomplishes its mission through programs that include business and indsutrial relations, community development, promotions, strategic planning, membership development, public affairs and education.  The Chamber offers its members many opportunities to get involved in making our community the best place to live in Georgia.

Business After Hours

The Chamber routinely organizes opportunities for our members to come together, share fellowship and community learning opportunities.  Our Business After Hours Programs take on a variety of formats but are always informed by the shared business needs and objectives of our membership.  The formats can range from facilitated networking sessions to formal speakers or workshops.  The intent is to always focus on how this time together can advance commerce, growth and tourism in Georgia's Freshwater Coast.


The Chamber's role in advocacy means aggressively promoting jobs and business-friendly initiatives. It means engaging our elected officials and providing proactive, positive business policies to address issues that affect private-sector jobs. And it means becoming THE leading, most effective advocate and voice for business policy and connections in Lincoln County.

The Chamber has a very active Legislative Affairs Committee that has the responsibility to attend, listen and inform at all of our government open forums. This group takes a leadership role in carrying the concerns, ideas and actions of the chamber membership to our elected officials.

We also advocate for Lincoln County's business community within our congressional district, with CSRA regional commissions, within the Classic South Toursim region and with the Ft. Gordon Alliance.